Rocket Journal

May 2020 Update
Hello folks! We hope you all are staying safe and busy during these crazy times. We have been keeping busy improving products and...
October 2019 Update
Happy Fall 2019! We have had a spectacular busy year and thank all of our loyal customers for keeping us going! 
Classic REBOOT!
Same great kits but now with payload! The LOV-IVForte and Graduator now include payload section for dual deployment.
Bored with single motor configurations???
Then get creative with our new MMC series kits!!!  Using Tube within a Tube technology, you are now able to swap out motor cans and add...
New Fire Blanket Size! XX-Small!
The XX-Small fire blanket fits our 1″ and 1.14″ Airframe tubes. Designed for all Loc-1 series kits! Find our flame resistant blankets here!!
Busy Summer!!!
We’ve got some new things for you to enjoy at LOC/Precision!!!  We’ve added several new 4″ kits to the line-up!  
4” Removable Nose Weight System has joined the family with our 5.5” and 7.5” guys. This will enable unstable rockets to be modified to be stable. 
7.5″ V2 update complete!
7/9/2018 – The V2 update is complete! The kit now features a 98mm central motor mount. The system is like our MMAS for our other 7.5″ kits...
7.5″ Electronics Bay Revamp
The 7.5″ Electronics Bay has gone through a redesign. The new bay sports a 6″ x 7.5″ sled, large enough to house all your goodies. 
The first run of LOC-I’s are due to arrive!
While we still have some time before the official release at NSL later this month.  We thought we would start getting things ready on the website! 
MMAS Modular Motor Mount Adaptor System
The LOC/ Precision MMAS stands for Modular Motor Adapter System. It is designed to work with the LOC-N-Mount rings and still has...
Rockets for Schools 2018 is Gearing Up in Sheboygan!
Rockets for schools are up and running at full force for our May 11 & 12, 2018 high-power rocket launch. We are currently looking for teams...
PK-100 V2 Under revision
Our 7.5″ V2 is under redesign. We’ll bring it back shortly with a new fresh modular motor mount adapter system. 
V2 kits update!
All V2’s have been updated with a new tail cone ring. This ring slides into the cut should side of the tail cone and with a pull back toward...
Removable Nose Weight System RNWS is here!
The Removable Nose Weight System (RNWS) is a Loc/Precision designed modular system for adding and removing nose weight. 
January 2018 new product release!

Happy New Year! 2018 proves to be a high flying year for LOC! As we keep adding and improving out product line…. Here’s your fix for January! 

Q4 2017 LOC Update
Hello! We wanted to keep everyone in the know of what we have done the past few months. We’ll announce quarterly updates showcasing...
Closed The week of August 28th
We are gone flying, hanging and showing off some of LOC 3.0’s new products and ideas at Airfest in Kansas. We’ll ship in stock items through...
LOC Gear is here!
Accessorize yourself! Checkout our line of apparel on the Gear page! More to come but this is a decent start. Thanks to all of our loyal customers! 
Park Flyer Series
Plymouth, WI, May 1, 2017– Loc/Precision is excited to announce the release of our new “Park Flier” series of rocket kits.  
“Gone Flying” for LDRS!
Just a reminder that we will be attending this years LDRS. As a result we will not be shipping after Tuesday April 4th and should resume Monday April 10th.