New to Rocketry Return Policy


If you are new to rocketry - WELCOME! We are the one hobby community where everyone you meet wants you to succeed, have fun and help us grow the sport.

Building DIY model rockets as a hobby appeals to a wide variety of people. Some like to build them, some like to paint and decorate them, some like the challenge of flying them - I like the nasty smoke noise and flame that comes out of them when I push the button.

In this hobby I have met and made friends with Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Realtors, Truckers, Bikers, Pilots, Senators, Government Workers and even a few Astronauts - the list expands weekly.


Rocketry is an interesting hobby full of interesting folks who all enjoy getting together to have fun in the sun testing their skills.

If you can, visit a rocket launch. Rocket hobby clubs are a fantastic way to get started. I always learn something new and find the folks there will go out of their way to help you succeed. Be safe, have fun and move on up through the levels as the only real limits are your imagination.

To find a club in your area contact the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) at or  the TRIPOLI Rocketry Association (TRIPOLI) at for club listings and further information on the great sport of model rocketry.  Consider starting a club in your area if you can.  We are always looking for new flying fields and new folks to fill them.  Welcome, we are happy you are here.

LOC PRECISION has been the leader in mid and high power DIY model rocketry kits and components for over 23 years. We provide high quality kits and parts and are eager to help you become successful rocketeers!

For the past 35 years the name LOC PRECISION has been the leader in the manufacture of MID and HIGH Power rocketry kits and components. Our passion is to take your rocket building skills to the next level. We specialize in rockets that fly on AP solid fuel and Nitrous Oxide Hybrid motors. We manufacture kits and recovery items for LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 certification attempts and for all around sport flying fun. We are here to help and wish to thank you for flying with LOC PRECISION.

LOC PRECISION was founded in 1986 by Ron Schultz and his wife Debbie. Ron's passion for flying the latest biggest motors grew with the motor market from the bad old days of the mighty F power motor through the massive M power motors - one motor was never enough for Ron. Here is is in his "rocket garden" sometime around 1990.


Ron Schultz with the Retro LOC kits!


As the power increased, Ron's desire to push the limits did too. In late 2000, Ron and Deb retired and Barry Lynch purchased the company. In late 2016 Barry sold LOC to Dave Barber and Jason Turicik and is now located in Plymouth, WI.