Park Flyer Series

Park Flyer Series

Park Flier series announced for release

Plymouth, WI, May 1, 2017– Loc/Precision is excited to announce the release of our new “Park Flier” series of rocket kits.  A low cost, durable, and all inclusive line of kits made for the softball or soccer field.  Sturdy enough to be flown over, and over again!

“This is the perfect size for schools or anyone transitioning from low-power to mid-power” says Turicik

These 1.6” diameter kits include a multitude of innovations carried over from LOC/Precision and Yank Enterprises history.  Laser cut fins, rings and tube slots.  All recovery including parachute, shock cord and nomex heat protector.  Launch lugs, decals and instructions for quick assembly and easy flight prep.

“I can take my kids to the ball diamond and fly all day!” Claims Fitzwell

The kits are great from D-G power.  Get yours and Get Up There!