Tube Coupler

Tube Coupler

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Tube Coupler
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  • Tube Coupler 3.90" (98mm) Tube 8" Long: 8″ Long. Fits Airframe BT-3.90
  • Tube Coupler for 29mm Tube: Coupler Tube fit’s Airframe BT-1.14 (29mm motor tube)
  • Tube Coupler for 1.52" (38mm) Tube: 5″ long fits Airframe BT-1.52. (38mm motor tube)
  • Tube Coupler for 2.14" (54mm) Tube: 5.5″ long. Fits Airframe BT-2.14 (54mm motor tube)
  • Tube Coupler for 2.56" (63mm) Tube: 6″ Long. Fits Airframe BT-2.56.
  • Tube Coupler 3" x 8" (75mm) Tube: 8″ Long. Fits Airframe BT-3.10. Also used for EB-300L
  • Tube Coupler 3" x 6" (75mm) Tube: 6″ long. Fits Airframe BT-3.00. Also used in BAF-300 and EB-300LT
  • Tube Coupler 5.38" Tube: 11″ Long. Fits Airframe BT-538
  • 15" Long Version TC-7.51: 15″ Long. Fits Airframe BT-7.52
  • Tube Coupler 2" x 1" for 24mm: Coupler Tube for LOC Mini. LBT-50 2″ long
  • Tube Coupler for 1.9" Tube: 5″ long. Fits 1.9″ Airframe

Customer Reviews

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Gary Pihlstrom
Need Center of Pressure help

If I use this to add onto a 4 inch Goblin where is the new Center of Pressure from top of nosecone?

Sidney Baker
Tube Couplers

LOC Precision/PML has a wide selection of materials for scratchbuilding.

Gerald K.
Good item

Since the 80s or in 2021, LOC still gives fast service and offers quality items

Eric Bunkers

Very fast shipping and arrived in excellent condition. I was able to repair my rocket in a timely matter.

Joe Magginnis
3" Tube Coupler

Served its purpose of connecting two tubes together.

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Millbury, MA

I have 16 LOC models love building them and flying them! Jason has turn the company around and made the hobby a lot more fun and really good people. I sincerely thank you LOC

Dennis Jurus
Lancaster, NY

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