Modular Motor Can (MMC)
Modular Motor Can (MMC)
Modular Motor Can (MMC)
Modular Motor Can (MMC)

Modular Motor Can (MMC)

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MMC includes coupler tube, 2 coupler centering rings, 1 screw eye, 2' kevlar shock cord mount and appropriate motor tube for size selected!


Modular Motor Cans designed to pop in and out to allow you to fly any motor configuration available.  From 4x18mm to 38mm for those who crave high power, this system will allow you to tailor your flight for any condition! Include 2 removable rivets to secure can in rocket.  The laser holes are in the exact same location on all kits of the same diameter.  Allowing you to exchange cans between different kits! All cans are cross compatible for the same diameter.


  • 4x18mm: 4x18mm version for clustered A-D powered flights! For MMC ready 2.6″ kits!
  • 3x24mm: 3x24mm version for C-E clustered flights! For MMC ready 2.6″ kits!
  • 1x24mm: 1x24mm version for C-F powered flights! For MMC ready 2.6″ kits!
  • 1x29mm: 1x29mm version for E-G powered flights! For MMC ready 2.6″ kits!
  • 1x38mm: 38mm version for G-H powered flights. Recommended for expierenced builders only. Extreme caution, care, and construction techniques required for safe use of 38mm motors! For MMC ready 2.6″ kits!


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LOC Precision provides quality rocket kits and components for every skill level. Your one stop shop for anything rocketry.



Most of my High Power and Mid Power fleet is LOC. I certified all three levels using LOC kits. The quality of the kits & customer service is phenomenal. I would recommend them to everyone.

Peter Waithe
Millbury, MA

I have 16 LOC models love building them and flying them! Jason has turn the company around and made the hobby a lot more fun and really good people. I sincerely thank you LOC

Dennis Jurus
Lancaster, NY

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