Park Flyer Series - 1.6" IRIS
Park Flyer Series - 1.6" IRIS
Park Flyer Series - 1.6" IRIS
Park Flyer Series - 1.6" IRIS

Park Flyer Series - 1.6" IRIS

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ALL LOC Precision kits include laser cut fins, rings, and slotted air-frames and polypropylene nosecones.
Our Park Flyer series of kits are a low-cost, durable and all-inclusive line. Made for the small field, they're super strong and can be brought down quickly minimizing drift on recovery. At 32" tall and weighing in at 9oz dry weight, the IRIS comes with a vinyl decal, 17" booster section, 7" payload, 29mm motor mount, 15" rip-stop nylon parachute, kevlar shock cord mount and fire resistant blanket! They can easily fly on D-H impulse. Call or E-mail for bulk pricing!




Complexity: Intermediate
Diameter: 1.6″
Height: 24″
Weight: 9oz
Motor Mount: 29mm
Parachute Size: 15″ Ripstop Nylon
Shock Cord Type: 6′
Shock Cord Mount: SCM-1
Fin Thickness: 1/8″
Ring Thickness: 1/8″
Instructions: Yes
Vinyl Decal: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Harold Pramekamol

I really enjoyed this build. It was my first Mid power build. I skipped mid all together and have built HPR. I wanted this kit so I could fly in local parks. I built 2, with and without retention. Take that extra step & add retention (imho friction fit isn’t precise.) Overall the instructions were fine. I wish it included a painting schematic. The materials are top notch!

Michael Schevey

Just finished building this great kit… Lots of thought and work went into the kit, and the components in it. If you are new to heavier built mid-power rockets; then the instruction are a little limited. BUT it is a straight forward build. If you put some time into planning, research, and prep work for into how “you ” want to build it; then it is very easy to adapt and a good build. I added the 29mm LOC motor retainer. (Which makes you have to move the location of centering rings on the motor mount tube.) I also built the complete Motor tube / Fin assembly, then installed it into the main tube. (Required careful layout, slitting the main tube from the slots to the end, and CAREFULLY sliding it into place.) I also added Rail Buttons. After completion I weighed and measured C.G. for each sub assembly and updated the SIM files. The SIM Data, and measured values, align very well.

Why choose us?


LOC Precision provides quality rocket kits and components for every skill level. Your one stop shop for anything rocketry.



Most of my High Power and Mid Power fleet is LOC. I certified all three levels using LOC kits. The quality of the kits & customer service is phenomenal. I would recommend them to everyone.

Peter Waithe
Millbury, MA

I have 16 LOC models love building them and flying them! Jason has turn the company around and made the hobby a lot more fun and really good people. I sincerely thank you LOC

Dennis Jurus
Lancaster, NY

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