5.5" LOC Magnum
5.5" LOC Magnum
5.5" LOC Magnum
5.5" LOC Magnum
5.5" LOC Magnum

5.5" LOC Magnum

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One of the ISP PERFORMANCE SERIES of kits, which feature factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction and high power motor capabilities, the MAGNUM is the perfect kit to make your Level 1 and Level 2 certification flight with. The 54mm central motor mount is accompanied by 6 x 29mm outboards for clustering or air starts. The J350-M motor achieves apogee at around 2200 ft using the optional MMA-4 38mm motor adapter. We upgraded the shock cord to 25' of 9/16" tubular nylon and added a CEC-2 chain connector to the SCMBA-25 shock cord mount for heavy duty flying. This rocket should be in every collection! Parachute Recovery.

    PK-84 5.5" Magnum Rocksim

    Magnum 5.5" rocket kit

    Complexity: Intermediate
    Diameter: 5.5″
    Height: 80" Magnum / 87" Magnum 3E
    Weight: 7lbs Magnum / 9lbs Magnum 3E w/Electronics Bay
    Motor Mount: 54MM w/6x29mm Magnum / 75mm Magnum 3E
    Parachute Size: 50" Ripstop Nylon Magnum / 78" Main w/18" Drogue Magnum 3E ***Colors are random***
    Shock Cord Type: 18' 5/8" Tubular Nylon Magnum / 2x25' Tubular Nylon Magnum 3E
    Shock Cord Mount: SCM3 Magnum / SCM4 Magnum 3E
    Fin Thickness: 1/4″ Magnum / 3/8" Magnum 3E
    Ring Thickness: 1/4″
    Instructions: No - LOC Custom Kit
    Vinyl Decal: Yes


    • Magnum : Standard Magnum Rocket Kit. 80″ tall, 54mmt with 6x29mmt. 34″ Booster with 24″ payload section. 60″ Parachute, 25′ Tubular Nylon with ends sewn.
    • Magnum-3E: 87″ tall. 34″ Booster section with 75mm motor mount. 78″ Parachute, 18″ Drogue chute, 2x 25′ Tubular Nylon with ends sewn. Electronics Bay for Full Dual Deployment and 3/8″ fins.


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    LOC Precision provides quality rocket kits and components for every skill level. Your one stop shop for anything rocketry.



    Most of my High Power and Mid Power fleet is LOC. I certified all three levels using LOC kits. The quality of the kits & customer service is phenomenal. I would recommend them to everyone.

    Peter Waithe
    Millbury, MA

    I have 16 LOC models love building them and flying them! Jason has turn the company around and made the hobby a lot more fun and really good people. I sincerely thank you LOC

    Dennis Jurus
    Lancaster, NY

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