IRIS 3.10"
IRIS 3.10"
IRIS 3.10"
IRIS 3.10"
IRIS 3.10"

IRIS 3.10"

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YIRIS3 IRIS 3" Performance version of the IRIS sounding rocket. Improved with 1/4" fins and vinyl IRIS decals. 14" payload for a total height of 59.5" for a realistic scale finish.

One of the ENTRY(38mm) and INTERMEDIATE(54mm) SERIES of kits, which include factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction. The YIRIS is a 38mm motor sport version of the famous IRIS rocket. It can attain altitudes over a mile on large motors or fly well in a small field using 29mm G motors with optional MMA-2 adapter. IRIS is a great introduction into Level 1 flying. Or get the 54mm version and enjoy long burning motors and extreme altitudes!

RockSim YIRIS338

RockSim YIRIS354


Complexity: Entry/Intermediate
Diameter: 3.1″
Height: 59.5
Weight: 2.3lbs.
Motor Mount: optional 38mm or 54mm
Parachute Size: 36″ Ripstop Nylon
Shock Cord Type: NW-15 15' 3/8″ Nylon with sewn loops
Shock Cord Mount: SCM-2 Eyebolt
Fin Thickness: 38mm=1/8″-54mm = 1/4"
Ring Thickness: 1/4″
Instructions: Yes

Decals included



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I bought this kit for my dad with the 38mm motor. I think this combination leads to a very flexible second or third mid-high power rocket. There were a couple of problems with my order which were immediately and thoroughly corrected. The fins required a little fitting but it is better to have to sand the tabs down than to have them not reach the motor tube. The quality of the materials used in the kit and the customer service I experienced was top notch. The reason I would not suggest this as a first kit in moving past low power is that the directions leave something to be desired for a builder new to high power. If you have done a kit with through the wall fins, rail buttons, have solved motor retention on your own, etc, or if you have an experienced builder handy, there is nothing challenging about this build. This is really the only deficiency that I can find with this kit and is completely irrelevant to a builder with any experience. It is the sole reason that it did not get five stars.

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Most of my High Power and Mid Power fleet is LOC. I certified all three levels using LOC kits. The quality of the kits & customer service is phenomenal. I would recommend them to everyone.

Peter Waithe
Millbury, MA

I have 16 LOC models love building them and flying them! Jason has turn the company around and made the hobby a lot more fun and really good people. I sincerely thank you LOC

Dennis Jurus
Lancaster, NY

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