2.26″ Sandhawk


Choose between an advanced or performance series kit. 29mmt or 38mmt depending on filed and ability. The 29mmt is an advanced series kit, which feature factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction, the Sandhawk is our sport scale version of the famous Sandhawk rocket The 29mm motor mount is perfect for F and G motors and the rugged airframe can take I power if you can handle it. Parachute Recovery. The 38mmt version is a performance series version and is great as a stand alone kit or ready to be married to the 3″ Booster section for 2 stage flight.




Complexity: 29MM  Intermediate  –  38MM  Advanced
Height: 51″
Weight: 18oz
Motor Mount: 38MM (Performance Series) or 29MM (Advanced Series)
Parachute Size:
28″ Ripstop Nylon (Performance Series) 24″ Parachute (Adbanced Series)
Shock Cord Type:
15′ 3/16″ Tubular Nylon (Performance Series) 12′ Tubular (Advanced Series)
Shock Cord Mount: 
Eye Bolt SCM1
Fin Thickness:
1/4″(Performance Series) 1/8″ (Advanced Series)
Ring Thickness: 

RockSimYSHAWK238 Rocksim



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