Modular Motor Adaptor for 7.5″ Kits

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A new way to Fly!  LOC/Precision 7.5″ kits with the Loc-n-Fin rings / MMAS can use these adapters.  Use the supplied T-Nuts and bolts to keep your system modular.  Or, pick the mount of your choice and permanently adhere it together.  Don’t see a motor configuration you like?  Simply e-mail us what you’re looking for and if it’s possible we’ll make it!



Designed to work with any 7.5″ kit using the Loc-n-ring and mount system.  All adapters include the appropriate number of clips to retain all motors even in clusters.  Completely removable or able to be glued in permanently.

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38mm, 54mm, 75mm, 98mm, 5x38mm, 1x54x6x29, 3x54mm

1 review for Modular Motor Adaptor for 7.5″ Kits

  1. frank.thompson.iv (verified owner)

    I purchased a 38mm motor adapter for use with my LOC Doorknob. This is a very simple component and the parts fit just as they should. I sanded away the laser burn edges of the plywood and also peeled the glassine from the tube in order to get a really good epoxy penetration into the tube. Assembly is a snap, and it works very nicely. Note that if you are building this after having the MMAS fully built and installed on your rocket, make sure to not glue the upper ring without sliding the adapter into the rocket. You will want to be sure that the upper ring is in contact with the thrust ring of the MMAS at the same time that the bottom ring contacts the bottom of the rocket. This results in the thrust loads being shared by both the bottom and top rings of the entire MMAS system.

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