Fiberglass LOC airframes

Test Fit Parts

Test fit and sand parts to your liking.

Remove Glassine

Peel or sand outer glassine motor tube layer. This will allow the epoxy to soak in the cardboard.

Fin Attachment

Tack fins in place with 5 minute epoxy for alignment. Use a mid to long cure epoxy to gain superior strength on internal and external fillets.

Attach Shock Cord

Some builds require you to do this before installing the motor assembly. Others you can do after the assembly is epoxied in. Feed cord through eye bolt.

Attach Shock Cord

Feed the opposite end of the shock cord through the sewn loop.

Attach Shock Cord

Pull shock cord tight. Some prefer to use a quick link from the shock cord to the eye bolt. Your choice!

Building Fin Can Outside Booster

If building the fin can outside from the booster, knife the section of airframe between the slots. 4" Phoenix pictured.

Installing Airframe

Expand airframe to slide over the fin can. When installed bring AFT of the airframe back together and epoxy fillet airframe to AFT ring. Drizzle epoxy onto FWD ring to adhere ring to airframe.


Provide a solid external fillet to the fin airframe intersection.

Epoxy Coat Coupler

Let's face it, cardboard is, well, cardboard! With some tips and tricks you can help your LOC kit last a long time!

Epoxy Coat Coupler

Using a mid to long cure epoxy will allow it to soak into the cardboard. Use a cloth and go for it!

Epoxy Coat Coupler

When dry, sand down to fit the airframe. Make sure to coat the edges. You're impregnating the cardboard, similar process used in making phenolic tubes. Give it a shot sometime, you won't be disappointed!

Attaching Parachute

We prefer to attach the parachute at the end of the shock cord. If you like this method as well, this is how! Feed shock cord through sewn loop in shock cord end.

Attaching Parachute

Pass parachute through shroud lines.

Attaching Parachute

Pull parachute tight. Quick links can be used for easy removal as well.

Attaching Nose Cone

For kits that don't have a payload, this is a solid way to make sure your cone stays connected. DO NOT rely on the plastic clip!

Attaching Nose Cone

Connect with a quick link or knot in place and the chute off the end.

Rail Guide Installation

Some aim to drill the guides in the AFT and FWD centering ring, that's great! Our 1000 series Rail Guides now include 2 different screws/nuts so you can choose what fits your kit the best.

Glue Airframe Ends

Applying CA or epoxy to the ends of couplers/airframes will extend the life of your rocket. When dry, sand to fit.

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