MMAS Modular Motor Mount Adaptor System

The LOC/ Precision MMAS stands for Modular Motor Adapter System. It is designed to work with the LOC-N-Mount rings and still has fin tabs that go to the “mother” tube. It is a 3 ring system specifically designed for each diameter.

The 7.5” version has 2x ¼” centering rings with notches to accommodate the fin tabs and a forward 3/8” ring drilled to accommodate 2 U-Bolts and a Y style recovery harness.  The main mother tube is 5.5” and any combination of motors that will fit can be used.  The aft ring is pre-cut to accept the included ¼”x20 bolts and T-nuts.  The adapter rings for it’s size will all marry up to this main aft ring.  The adapter rings also include Z clip style retention for single motors or cluster configurations.  All kits with this system included will include 1 adapter motor tube.  Other sizes available for purchase.  If you wish to permanently mount a specific motor that is possible as well.  The overall strength of the booster section whether making it permanent or staying removable is superior to the previous LOC-n-fin design with “keepers”.


The 5.5” version will have a similar ring set up and utilize a 4” MMT.

The 4” version will have a main 54mm motor tube and a ¼” forward ring with eyebolt for shock cord attachment.

https://locprecision.com/loc-custom/ https://locprecision.com/launch/