Welcome Back MissileWorks!!!

A few have inquired as to why we no longer had MissileWorks available! We couldn’t answer that question.  And, after a call to Jim and some throwback conversation, MissleWorks is back on our website! We’re currently carrying the RRC3 with the expectation that we will add the rest of the line-up soon!!!  It’s a perfect match-up for us.  A brand we’ve used in the past without any problems and some familiarity.  There are a lot of newcomers in the electronics side of the hobby.  And that’s a great thing and look forward to meeting and experimenting with some of the new gadgets out there.  But for us, it comes down to comfort, ease of use and just not having to learn a new system.  At least for now!

https://locprecision.com/loc-custom/ https://locprecision.com/launch/