Rocket Kits Specifications Key

Rocket Kits Specifications Key
The example shown above shows the size specifications and estimated performances for each kit.

  • Apogee estimated peak altitude maximum Thrust [K 4800 feet] and minimum Thrust [H 900 feet].
  • Parachute size in inches diameter.
  • Cross Section shows number of fins and location, orientation [preslotted to MMT]. The DIA indicates the airframe diameter, also shown in Diameter Airframe in decimal inches. Fins shown not touching the MMT are surface mounted or slot mounted fins. Fins shown extending to MMT actually meet the MMT.
  • Skill Level in 4H Standard for assembly completion in Roman Numeral.
  • How many motors [#M 1] used in this kit.
  • Diameter Airframe [DIA 7.675] in decimal inches is also indicated in the Cross Section.
  • Dia. Motor Mount Tube MMT [B 54] is also shown in the Cross Section, diameter in millimeters, the maximum motor diameter.
  • Thrust Impulse Level Designations showing recommended choices for motor sizes [MOTORS H to K].
  • Length in inches [62] from base to nose cone.
  • Weight is total weight in ounces [W 122] of kit without motor weight.

All altitudes, Apogee assume a calm windless day at sea level. Actual performances will vary with the finishes applied to the kit and any environmental changes at launch including humidity or air density.