Createx Candy O2
Createx Candy O2
Createx Candy O2
Createx Candy O2
Createx Candy O2

Createx Candy O2

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Candy O2 color
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Water-based, 100% Transparent Aniline Dyes.
For use as airbrush paint and mid-coat over metallic base.

Concentrate: Add 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear or 4030 Balancing Clear to candy2o

Mixing Guidelines

  • 4050 UVLS Gloss is the recommended carrier for candy2o. It replaces 4030 Balancing Clear as it allows for a more even and heavier color coat. 4050 is especially recommended when applying with a spray-gun.

    • Airbrush: Any tip-size, 18 – 27 psi

        • Add 4050 or 4030 10% - 300% per vol., then

      • thin with 4011 Reducer 5% - 20% per vol.

    • Spray Gun: 1.2 – 1.3mm, 18 – 22 psi

        • Mix 4050 3:1 candy2o, then

      • thin with 4011 Reducer 5% - 10% per vol.

  • Allow candy2o mix to acclimate for 10+ minutes before spraying

Apply 4040 Bleed Checker over candy2o to prevent bleeding [leaching] of the dyes into top-coated colors or clear.

See candy2o Technical Data Sheet for more information.

Click here for Anodized Candy Color Charts & Videos


  • 4650,: Blood Red
  • 4651: Sunset Magenta
  • 4657: 4Caribe Blue
  • 4641: Emerald Green


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