Yank Sandhawk 5.5″

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One of the ADVANCED SERIES of kits. Includes factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction. The scale Sandhawk is our tallest production kit at 9′ 10″ tall! It includes a 75mm motor mount.. This kit also sports 3/8″ Laser cut fins, 1/4″ centering rings and 1/4″ bulkheads for durability. Also included — 1500 series rail buttons and 1/2″ lugs, 78″ rip-stop nylon parachute, tubular nylon and all necessary hardware to keep it together!

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55LOCSandhawk Rocksim

All LOC/PRECISION “YXX” kits include heavy duty airframe and motor mount tubes, high-grade precision-cut plywood fins, centering rings, rip-stop nylon parachute or streamer, nylon elastic shock cord and mount, launch lug, polypropylene nose cones and instructions.


Yank Aeronautics designed 5.5″ Sandhawk rocket kit.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 12 in

1 review for Yank Sandhawk 5.5″

  1. krislhull (verified owner)

    Right out of the box, this is an impressive kit. Everything needed to build and fly this impressive rocket is included when you open the box. I bought this to use as a bridge to building large rockets, and I eventually decided to use it for my Tripoli level 3 project. If built out of the box, it would prove to be a lightweight sport flyer, capable of handling anything from 54mm J motors up to 75mm Ls. I built mine strong, by reinforcing the airframe with fiberglass, and then strengthening the fins with fiberglass as well. I also added the LOC 5.5” avionics bay, turning this into a dual deploy rocket. Granted, I made a few modifications, but it is still a LOC kit at heart. I have built several kits from LOC over the years, and they have all been straight forward and easy builds, and the 5.5” Sandhawk is no exception!

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