HAWK 7.5″


**Due to this shipping in 2 boxes, shipping is pricey – FYI**
1x 30″x16″x17″ kit box
1x 55″x14″x2″ fin box


Kit Specs:

110″ tall.

30#s dry weight

RNWS System

98mm Motor Mount

3/8″ Fins

Electronics Bay

96″ main parachute with 25′ of Tubular Nylon Cord for main chute deployment.

50″ Drogue parachute with 40′ of Tubular Nylon and a Y-harness for apogee separation

Vinyl Decals

Boat Tail.

LOC Custom kit – no instructions included. Expert build.

Available on backorder


LOC Custom Series. At just over half scale, this kit is a 9 foot tall monster and and sports a few new components!  Fully loaded for dual deployment and a 98mm motor mount.  Ships in 2 separate boxes.

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 16 in


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