RAM Instructions

Complexity: Entry
Diameter: 1.8″
Height: 43″
Weight: 11oz
Motor Mount: 29mm
Parachute Size: 21″ Ripstop Nylon
Shock Cord Type: 9′ Tubular Nylon Shock Cord
Shock Cord Mount: SCM-1
Fin Thickness: 1/8″
Ring Thickness: 1/8″
Instructions: Yes


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The Rage Assault Missile is a light weight, durable and easy to assemble kit!  Easily lofted on D-F 29mm motors! This kit features a tubular nylon shock cord, nylon parachute, and decal!  Both 1/4″ launch lug AND 10 series rail guides to suit your launch pad style!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 36 in


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