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Our flame resistant blanket is a special material, Known as Banwear by it’s street name, it is a blend of cotton and nylon and THEN coated with a flame resistant coating. Why does this matter?  Simply, longevity!  This material has a longer usable life span than similar brand name product.   Stop charring holes in your blankets and risking your recovery gear. 6×6 and larger fireproof blankets now include a grommet for strength.

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Flame Resistant Blankets

Fire Resistant Blanket 2.25"x2.25" for up to 1.14" Airframe, Fire Resistant Blanket 3.5"x3.5" for up to 38mm Airframe, FRB Starter 6×6 3 Pack, Fire Resistant Blanket 6" x 6" for up to 2.56" Airframe, FRB Starter 9×9 2 Pack, Fire Resistant Blanket 9"x9" for up to 3" Airframe, Fire Resistant Blanket 12"x12" for up to 4" Airframe, Fire Resistant Blanket 18"x18" for up to 6" Airframe, Fire Resistant Blanket 24"x24" for up to 8" Airframe

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