LOC Custom Saturn V

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***Out of production 11/29/2020***


** Custom made per order. Please allow 30-60 days to receive a shipping notice. Thank you for your understanding! **


7.5″ SATURN V!!

80.5″ Tall – 7.5″ to 5.5″ to 3″ to capsule, tower and .5″ wooden dowel

Fiberglass fairings and transitions

Milled wooden capsule

Laser interlocking tower

Optional electronics bay and recovery

Full Sticker Shock and LOC vinyl decal set

1000 and 1500 Rail Guides included

Commemorative Saturn V launch poster included

Follow the build thread here!

Download Rocksim File

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 17 in
Motor Mount Config

5x54mm, 1x75mm 4x38mm, 1x98mm 4x29mm


Full recovery, No recovery

Electronics Bay

Add Ebay, No Ebay

1 review for LOC Custom Saturn V

  1. mbi.stockys (verified owner)

    I ordered this one soon after I built the LOC V2 of the same diameter. I have to say, I really like LOC Precision rockets, having built at least a dozen or so of them over the years. I like them because they are well engineered, especially the new stuff, and you don’t risk inhaling fiberglass dust as with that class of kit. The tubes are very strong and hold up well when painted and the edges of the tubes epoxy reinforced. Having done this high-power flying for almost 10 years, I find I tend to fly my LOC rockets significantly more than the others because they are such reliable performers and they don’t break the bank like some other kits. Every LOC kit is a great value. Flying LOC for a while now I really appreciate the new additions as well.

    That brings us back to this beast. What a beautiful bird she is. I wish I could upload some photos because I went all-out detail-wise. I sourced some corrugated architectural / crafting sheets, saturated them in either black or white paint and used them as wraps to simulate the motherbird’s exterior conduit. Combined with the vinyl provided with the kit, it really is a stunning presentation. If you want a BIG CLASSIC AMERICAN L3 BIRD, this is a great choice.

    The kit comes standard with 5 X 54mm motor mounts. I permanently installed 38mm adapters in the outboards and kept the standard 54mm in the center. I ran a piece of 1/4″ tube from the forward centering ring to the bottom and have fashioned and internal timer bay just above it in order to air-start the outboards. That should be good for at least a few extra oohs and ahhs!