LOC 4″ Patriot


LOC Custom 4″ Patriot – At 54″ tall, all the custom laser cut components are included in the box to build it strong and legit! This is one of the LOC-CUSTOM SERIES of kits.  Featuring factory pre-slotted airframe, through-the-wall fin construction and high power motor capabilities. The Patriot is a fantastic jump into high power and includes a 4″ RNWS (Removable Nose Weight System) to help you keep this kit balanced and stable! Use the RNWS to make weight cartridges of your choice. To read more about the RNWS go here. Adding/removing nose weight at the field has never been so easy! Build it traditionally or assemble the fin can outside the airframe, knife the areas between the slots and slide it up! Your choice! This version sports a 54mm motor mount and will accept 38mm and 29mm adapters (sold separately ). Lock in rings/fins, rail guides and recovery are standard.

4″ Patriot Instructions

4″ Patriot Rocksim

All LOC-CUSTOM kits include heavy duty airframe and motor mount tubes, high-grade precision-cut plywood fins, centering rings, rip-stop nylon parachute or streamer, nylon shock cord and mount, rail guides, polypropylene nose cones.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 5 in


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