January 2018 new product release!

Happy New Year! 2018 proves to be a high flying year for LOC! As we keep adding and improving out product line…. Here’s your fix for January! CHEERS!

The 5.5″ Phoenix makes it’s debut, is boxed and ready!

5.5″ LOC AIM-54C

The 2.26″ IQSY, BBX, and Sandhawk are back in the 2.26 line-up and available. Some minor modifications include a new Kevlar shock cord and larger payload bays. There will be 2 versions available with the 38mm Performance series slated for late winter.

The PK-66 Ultimate is also back in action and ready. Sporting 7x 29mm mounts and an upgraded nylon shock cord.


https://locprecision.com/loc-custom/ https://locprecision.com/launch/