Busy Summer!!!

We’ve got some new things for you to enjoy at LOC/Precision!!!  We’ve added several new 4″ kits to the line-up!  Some old designs going back a few decades that we’re really excited about finally releasing!!!  The first is a 4″ Phoenix complete with a new 4″ RNWS system!  Loc-N-Fin design and everything else you’d expect from a LOC Custom series kit!  The 4″ Patriot also comes out as a LOC Custom kit, as does the 4″ BBX! Be sure to check out Chris’s special for Airfest this year!  We hope to see you there!

And last but certainly not least is an all new Terrier style booster!  A 3″ booster that’s able to be joined up with the 2.26″ LOC Performance series kits for 2-stage flight! Coming soon will be the complete 2.26″ performance series IQSY, IRIS, and BBX to all take full advantage of this booster for staging!

The 4″ V2 also got some necessary upgrades.  Substituting the standard SCM nylon loop with a 1/4″ eye bolt in the forward ring, and swapping out elastic shock cord for flat nylon with loops sewn at no additional price increase!

https://locprecision.com/loc-custom/ https://locprecision.com/launch/