Bored with single motor configurations???

Then get creative with our new MMC series kits!!!  Using Tube within a Tube technology, you are now able to swap out motor cans and add your favorite configuration!  From 4x 18mm, 1x 24mm, 3x 24mm, 1x 29mm, and even a 1x 38mm for the advanced builder!  All removable, reusable, and switchable across any MMC designated kit!!! Not sure about a removable solution?  No problem!  Simply glue the can in as a permanent fixture! Kits include slotted Airframe, laser cut fins and rings, kevlar shock cord mount, fire blanket, swivel and vinyl decals. 3 sport scale kits to start. AGM-78 Standard Arm, AIM-54C Phoenix, and AGM-84 Harpoon!

https://locprecision.com/loc-custom/ https://locprecision.com/launch/